Step into a world of profound spiritual enlightenment with our remarkable collection of updated Reformed and Puritan works from the 17th century, now available in both print and ebook formats. Immerse yourself in the eloquent prose and reflective biblical insights of these influential writers, and experience the transformative biblical power of the Spirit of God in their timeless words.

At Puritan Publications, we are passionate about preserving and sharing the wisdom of the Puritans, who were renowned for their deep spiritual devotion and rigorous pursuit of a godly life. Our meticulously curated collection includes a vast array of masterpieces that touch upon a wide range of subjects, including all aspects of theology, godly meditation, Christian living, various sermon compilations, and much more.

Whether you prefer the tactile experience of turning pages or the convenience of digital reading, our collection caters to all literary preferences. Our beautifully crafted print editions are meticulously designed, allowing you to savor the aesthetic and tactile pleasures of a physical book. For those who crave the convenience of portable libraries, our ebooks offer instant access to these cherished works, anytime and anywhere.

Each edition is expertly edited, ensuring accurate preservation of the original text while making the language more accessible to modern readers by gently updating the language without losing the intention of the author. We have taken great care to retain the essence of the Puritan spirit, allowing you to delve deep into their profound teachings, glean wisdom from their experiences, and find inspiration for your own spiritual journey before the face of Jesus Christ.

Discover the Puritan legacy that has shaped countless lives for centuries. Uncover the rich tapestry of spiritual truths woven within these works and experience personal growth, enhanced faith, and a deeper connection with God. Embrace the treasure trove of spiritual insights awaiting you within the pages of our exceptional Puritan collection, as we “expand the kingdom of God one book at a time.”

Currently we have over 68 authors by the Assembly in print; and we have published over 300 individual volumes.

Puritan Publications came about as a necessary corollary of A Puritan’s Mind. A Puritan’s Mind was founded in 1997 as an internet website to expose the Christian community to works written by godly pastors and theologians from the 17th century. Puritan Publications was founded in 2005 with the purpose of distributing these biblical, sound, Reformed, experiential preachers and writers in a readable form both in print and in eBooks.

One of our best works is the 1647 Westminster Confession available in its original form (unedited and in its entirety including the subordinate standards).

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