Edward Leigh, theologian and contemporary of the Westminster divines, on Colossians 3:16:

Teaching and admonishing one another in Psalmes, and Hymnes, and spiritual Songs] See Ephes. 5.19. In both which places, as the Apostle exhorteh us to singing, so he instructeth what the matter of our Song should be, viz. Psalms, Hymns, and spiritual Songs. Those three are the Titles of the Songs of David, as they are delivered to us by the Holy Ghost himself; some of them are called Mizmorim Psalmes; some Tehillim Hymns; some Shirim Songs, Spiritual Songs.

Edward Leigh, Annotations upon all the New Testament philological and theological wherein the emphasis and elegancy of the Greek is observed, some imperfections in our translation are discovered, divers Jewish rites and customs tending to illustrate the text are mentioned, many antilogies and seeming contradictions reconciled, several dark and obscure places opened, sundry passages vindicated from the false glosses of papists and heretics (London, 1650), p. 306.

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