For in election it belongs to the absolute right that God, according to his most free good pleasure, destines sinful and guilty men to salvation; and although all are equal, yet he elects this one instead of another, as in the case with Esau and Jacob …

In reprobation, the absolute right is beheld in this – that although all men are equal, yet he passes by this one instead of another, acting from his good pleasure (eudokia) alone; not as Judge, but as an autocrat (autokrator) and Lord who has the power to make a vessel unto honour and unto dishonour (Rom. 9:21; Mt. 11:26). But the ordinate is found in this – that he reprobates and condemns no one except on account of sin (Rom. 1:32).

Francis Turretin, Institutes of Elenctic Theology, trans. George M. Giger, ed. James T. Dennison (1679-85; 3 vols, Phillipsburg NJ: Presbyterian & Reformed, 1992), 3.22.7.

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