Strive after well-grounded Assurance of a good spiritual state. Labour not only, That God, Christ, Grace, and Glory may be yours: but also, That ye may know assuredly they are yours. Assurance is possible; For God’s Spirit is given to help us to it, &c. Many have attained it.

Assurance is necessary: for God hath charged us to endeavour after it; Give diligence to make your calling and election sure, &c. And Assurance is very comfortable, and advantageous to our Perseverance. This held up Job under all his misery. This cheered up Paul against approaching death.

Francis Roberts, The chequer-work of God’s providences, towards His own people, made up of blacks and whites, viz., of their abasements, and advancements, their distresses, and deliverances, their sullying tribulations, and beautifying relaxations represented in a sermon preached at the funeral of that faithful servant of the Lord, Mary the late wife of Joseph Jackson esq, alderman of the city of Bristol, on the 5 day of May, Anno Dom. 1657 (London: G. Calvert, 1657), unpaginated.

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